Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in their child’s learning and to be present during their child's lesson. For young children, it is requested that a parent actively observe each lesson, taking notes that can be used by the parent in supervising practice at home.

Each student is responsible for obtaining and maintaining their assignment notebook or 3-ring binder for assignments and notes. (PDF forms for manuscript paper or Practice Assignment Logs can be emailed upon request so that the student can print out a supply.)

Students are responsible for preparing for each lesson. Every attempt should be made to practice every day for at least the length of your lesson time. Parents should expect to support their child in scheduling consistent, undistracted practice time at home. For very young students, parents should expect to supervise the child’s practice. Progress can only be made with regular and consistent practice of the assigned materials. For more information on the importance of practice, please read this article.


Tuition for each month is due at the first lesson of each month based on the number of lessons that are scheduled for that month on the Teaching Calendar. Tuition is calculated as the Fee per Lesson x Number of Lessons scheduled for that month. Summer lesson are available; however, the schedule for summer lessons is flexible.

Students should purchase specified music books directly. Any materials from Music Masters (Student Activity packets, theory, etc. related to Broward Music Teachers Association [BCMTA]) or costs for student books purchased by me must be reimbursed by the student/parent at the lesson in which the material is given to the student. 

Entry fees (BCMTA Student Day and other activities in which the student chooses to participate) will be itemized on the monthly invoice issued before the date on which the entry fees are due.

*Please note: Only fees associated with lessons canceled by me will be credited toward tuition that will be invoiced in the upcoming month. Please see "Cancellation Policy" below.


The stated number of lesson days, as reflected on the Teaching Calendar, will be provided and invoiced each month. Lesson days and times are reserved for a specific student -- the lesson fees/tuition secure my commitment to be ready to provide a lesson for that specific student on that given day and time. 

Fees associated with lessons missed or canceled by student for any reason will not be refunded or credited; however, under the following circumstances an accommodation of a rescheduled/ make-up lesson may be granted if done 1 week in advance of the lesson to be rescheduled, with the exception of illness:

  • To accommodate planned vacations that fall outside of the Broward County school calendar, the last Monday of each month will be set aside for rescheduled lessons so that the total # of lessons for that month will be received.

  • Lessons missed due to illness or school-related event in which the student participates may be made-up on the last Monday of each month or through scheduling a late evening lesson on one of my normal teaching days.

  • All rescheduled or make-up lessons will be on a 'first-come, first serve basis' and must be completed during the month in which the missed/canceled lesson occurred.